Holiday apartment

Welcome to Strandvangen

Strandvangen is a peaceful, recreational and family-friendly countryhouse, located 4 km from Ebeltoft. Our country lane leadsto the sea (400m), with a ramp for boats, premium angling water and a pristine undisturbed stretch of beach.

Strandvangen is furnished for stay for 16 people. - Do you want a stay for more than 16 persons,  pleace contact us.

Strandvangen is particularly suitable to stay for groups: families - friends - gatherings - parties - courses - conferences.

The area is often used by recreational divers, like many take a kayak trip along the coast. Here is a magnificent nature, with plenty of space and the opportunity for an active holiday for both children and adults.

Pets are permitted.


5 double rooms, 1room with 1 double bed and 4 bunk beds, 2 bathrooms with shower, tw living room, table tennis and football.

Large kitchen / dining area with long table and folding door. The folding door makes it possible to devide the space so it can be used flexibly for various purposes.

There is access to washing machine, tumble dryer, a table for cleaning fish and free internet.


Campfire, open grass areas, terraces with morning and evening sun, soccer field, sand box and svings.


Week 28 to 32 are only rented on a weekly basis: dkr 14.800

Christmas & New Year: 2.400 dkr per night

The rest of the year is rented out at the following prices:

One night:            dkr. 3.800

Two nights:          dkr. 4.800

Three nights:      dkr. 5.800

Four nights:         dkr. 6.800

Five nights:          dkr. 7.800

Six nights:             dkr. 8.800 

Seven nights:      dkr. 9.800.

The prices are exclusive electricity, water and heating.

obligatory cleaning: dkr. 1.300

It is possible to rent bed linen and towels

Reservation by mail or phone: / (+45)2233 8040

Per Johansen & Eva Vinther, BrokhĂžjvej 19, 8400 Ebeltoft